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AI Powered

Customer Service

AnswerWise is an AI platform that integrates with your existing helpdesk and CRM systems to provide instant query resolutions, enable faster responses from agents and improve overall customer experience.

Effortlessly scale customer service.

Scale your contact center operations without scaling workforce.

Reduce volume of support tickets on any channel.

Automatic ticket resolution on muliple channels frees your agents from handling L1, L2 queries, allowing them to focus only on issues that require human intervention. 

Lower handling times and provide faster resolutions.

Automated resolution of repetitive queries, workflow automation and intelligent assistance (NBAs) for agents across any channel help deliver faster resolutions for customers.

Improve CSAT and quality scores.

Consistent level of customer service and faster query resolution result in noticeable improvement in CSAT and marked improvement in overall customer experience.


How it works

Connect existing systems to auto resolve issues and assist agents


Customer service automation platform

Improve contact center efficiency while also improving customer experience

Auto Resolve

Resolve the most repetitive customer issues without human intervention. Connect with your backend systems to provide instant resolution of customer-specific and order-specific issues.

Agent Assist

Suggest responses or next best actions to your support agents which leads to significant reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT) to deliver faster and more accurate responses to customers.

AI that simply works.

100% issue resolution. Upto 80% cost reduction. No additional resources.

Professional services

Our team of Analysts will design a solution around your business and automation goals and manage the implementation, training and system optimization end-to-end.

Seamless CX

In case the system does not have enough information to resolve an issue, the ticket is seamlessly handed off to your support agent ensuring no issue is left unresolved.

Usage-based pricing

No fixed cost/per-user pricing, no minimum fee ensures your organization gets maximum benefit for minimal costs. Witness upto 80% cost reduction at your contact center.



AnswerWise integrates directly with most popular customer support/helpdesk/live chat softwares and CRM systems and integrates via APIs with internal systems.

Made for Enterprise

We combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected.

Database Security & Recovery

Privacy & Security

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