Automated Customer Service for B2B SaaS

AnswerWise is a stunningly simple AI layer for your customer support that helps deflect your common support queries while providing a seamless support experience for your customers.

How it works

End-to-end customer experience


Customer enters query

Customers submit their question on the AnswerWise widget placed on your product dashboard or support page. 


Query is resolved

Customers browse through the articles suggested and if the answer is found, they can indicate the same or submit another question.


Answers are suggested

AnswerWise uses machine learning to understand your customer's query and finds the most relevant answers from your existing knowledge base.


Or handed-off to agents

If customers still need help, they can contact the support team on any available channel including email and chat.


AnswerWise integrates directly with popular customer support/helpdesk/live chat softwares to sync knowledge bases and handoff support tickets.

Optimized for deflection

Transform your customer support to optimize towards an AI first approach that prioritizes deflection while also ensuring a seamless customer service experience.

AI First Experience

Multi-channel Handoff

Quick and easy setup

No technical skills required. Configure and go live in under five minutes.

Connect your existing KB

Integrate your existing KB platform with AnswerWise to enable real-time sync. 

Configure and test

Configure your handoff channels (optional) and test bot responses on the AnswerWise dashboard.

Embed and go live

Copy the embed code and paste it on your support page or product pages to go live!

Improve Customer Experience. Reduce costs.

Add AI to your customer support.

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