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Everything you need to automate customer support

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Real-time sync with your existing Knowledge Base

Updates to your knowledge base reflect on the AnswerWise dashboard in real-time. Maintain a single source of truth.

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Get insights on deflection rate, cost savings, user volume, query volume and handoffs. Measure ROI and derive actionable insights.

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Widget optimized for deflection

Support experience designed in a way that prioritizes AI based ticket resolution without compromising on user experience. 

Train and improve

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Link customer queries to existing articles or create new articles in your knowledge base. Train AnswerWise to help deflect more queries over time.

Seamless handoff

When no answer is found to a customer query or if a customer needs more help, they can either a submit a ticket or start a live chat with agents within the same widget.

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AnswerWise integrates with popular helpdesk and live chat softwares to sync knowledge bases and handoff conversations to agents.

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Agent chat interface

Support agents can continue using their existing live chat software and integrate with AnswerWise or optionally use our clean and simple chat tool to communicate with customers.

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Test chat

Test the accuracy of answers before going live via the test chat module on the AnswerWise dashboard. 

Shift to AI First Customer Support

Improve customer experience. Save costs.

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