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Volume-based pricing


20% off on yearly subscriptions


99/ month

Access to all features

1,000 queries included

$0.10 per additional query

Unlimited agents live-chat software 


$ 399/ month

Access to all features

$0.06 per additional query

5,000 queries included

Unlimited agents live-chat software 


$ 999/ month

Access to all features

20,000 queries included

Unlimited agents live-chat software 

$0.04 per additional query

Frequently asked questions

What is a query?

Every incoming question by a customer that is processed by AnswerWise is termed a 'query'. A query does not include the questions asked by customers after handoff to support agents.

What happens when I exceed query limit?

Depending on the plan you choose, you will be charged a small amount (as mentioned) for each additional query (in the next billing period). For example, if you are on the Starter plan and you recieve 1100 queries in a month, you will be charged $10 additionally in the next billing period.

Is there a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial at the moment. But in case you decide not to continue using AnswerWise during the first 30 days, we'll provide a no questions asked, 100% refund.

How do additional charges apply to yearly plans?

Addtional charges (for queries that exceed plan limit) in any particular billing period will be billed at the start of the next billing period.